It's More Than A Ride - it's Bike MS.
Making a Difference for Multiple Sclerosis.

  • MS is a chronic, unpredictable disease of the central nervous system and The Multiple Sclerosis Society in Auckland helps each person diagnosed and their family, address the challenges of living with MS.
  • Bike The Bridge has helped raise well over 100k for MS since the inaugural Bike The Bridge in 2011.
  • Please add a donation to MS during the online entry process if you can.
  • Check out more info below and the MS website here for other ways you can help.


Multiple Sclerosis is a very personal journey for Callum McNair, founder of Bike The Bridge.

The journey started over 20 years ago when my then newly wed wife was diagnosed with the disease that neither of us - nor our friends or family - had ever heard of.

After a year of misdiagnosis before this, to be told what Pip had was scary. We just had no idea what it meant. We both remember walking out of the specialist's office with the words ringing in our ears "we don't know what causes it, there is no cure, and it could go bad very quickly - so enjoy what good times you have".

It was brutal.

Whilst we suspect the doctor/patient empathy is a little better now, the reality of the disease remains the same. There is now a better understanding about the causes, and there is certainly a lot of research going on - but the cause and cure are still unknown. Initially we as a family, in our own small way, helped to raise money towards research - but as my wife's disease progressed we started to focus on MS Auckland as they provided the direct support to my wife and to our family.

Before MS started robbing Pip of her physical ability, she was an active person - with a passion for both swimming and cycling. Our family was very active, often at local beaches or cycling around our streets. Sadly, for Pip the last 10 years has not been great. She was robbed of her physical abilities and now the disease has started to affect her mental faculties.

She is now in a hospice - at age 46.

We as a family, and MS Auckland are very grateful for the money that individual competitors of the event have donated over the years. Over $200,000 of it. That money has gone directly to support the field workers who are helping over 600 Aucklanders and their families cope with such a debilitating disease. Given the lack of government funding into this area this money has been vital - and both the event and MS are extremely grateful for the generosity of those participants who have contributed.

Don't just ride, bike MS.

Please consider donating to MS during the online registration process when you register for Bike the Bridge. You may also like to contribute to us through our website. This year we are also asking if people will also consider setting up their own Give a little page and get people to sponsor your ride.

At just 17 Jessie Lee was diagnosed with MS.

"I first knew something was wrong when my tongue went numb. Initially I thought I’d bitten it off. Then the numbness progressed down one side of my face. Now I can't feel either of my hands or feet and my legs are really weak. I can't walk without support anymore. To begin with, I wondered why me! I just didn't understand. I became frightened of the unknown and scared of my future. I felt like I was going to become a massive burden to everyone.

My schooling has been more than difficult and passing level 3 NCEA has become almost impossible, but I will keep trying. At the moment I can't play sport at all because I can barely walk. Sometimes just getting out of bed is the hardest thing to do in my day.

My Fieldworker has helped me and my family cope.

My Fieldworker has been amazing and whenever I need her she is there. She’s helped me through some of my toughest days. She even came and picked me up from school when I wasn't dealing with things at all well. She has also helped my family a lot to understand and how to cope with Multiple Sclerosis. I see her regularly and I know if it hadn’t been for her, I would not be thinking of a future right now".

For one hour of a field worker’s time, it costs the Society $85.00.

Bike the Bridge is the premier fundraising cycle event for Multiple Sclerosis Auckland. Enjoy this extraordinary ride across Auckland's iconic Harbour Bridge and along the Northern busway with the knowledge that you’re changing lives... making every km that you ride more meaningful.

It’s not the distance that matters - it's the unforgettable journey. Bike the Bridge is more than a ride - it’s participation, camaraderie, personal accomplishment, and both a day and lifelong opportunity to make a difference in your own life, and in the lives of others.

What is MS?

Symptoms of MS are unpredictable, vary from person to person, and from time to time in the same person. For example, one person may experience extreme fatigue and episodes of numbness and tingling. Another person could have loss of balance and muscle coordination making walking difficult. Yet another could have slurred speech, tremors, spasticity and bladder problems. Most people also experience cognitive problems, especially with memory.

Sometimes symptoms disappear and the person regains lost functions. Other people may experience permanent symptoms.

What causes the symptoms? MS symptoms result when an immune-system attack affects myelin, the protective insulation surrounding nerve fibres of the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord).

Myelin is damaged and replaced by scars of hardened “sclerotic” tissue. Some underlying nerve fibres may be permanently affected. The damage can appear in multiple places within the central nervous system, hence the term Multiple Sclerosis (many scars).

Myelin is often compared to insulating material around an electrical wire; loss of myelin interferes with the transmission of nerve signals.

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Thanks you for supporting MS Auckland.

We are once again delighted to have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Auckland along for the ride. This has been a long standing partnership that has thrived since the first Bike the Bridge event in 2010 and MS Auckland continues to benefit from the event in a number of ways.

We thank you all for your support.