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Its On! Sun. 16 Nov. 2014

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Bike the Bridge enters its third year. 

Bike the Bridge is a cycle event for the entire family offering ride distances for those aged 3 - 93.

This year, you are able to ride over the Harbour Bridge if you are Intermediate School aged or above. (of course you must be able to complete the 20km course!)

For those traversing the Harbour Bridge we offer: (All these options finish at our event base at QBE Stadium (North Harbour).

Our 105km classic - taking in the Bridge, the Busway and the northern reaches of Auckland

A 50km option - taking in the Bridge, the Busway and some of the "friendly" hills jjust north of Albany

20km option - taking you over the Bridge and up the Busway directly into North Harbour Stadium

Note: The events above are restricted to Intermediate aged children (age 11 and above)

For Primary School aged kids we offer (at our QBE Stadium (North Harbour) finish line) their own:

The Travelwise Primary School Stadium Challenge - a great 2km, 4km and 6km course options riding through the main arena and on the safe ring-road circuit (for Primamry School aged children)

The Lollipops Educare Toddlers ride - for those under 5 to have as much fun as they can muster



Your Feedback...

Fantastic event – wonderful support from the marshals and also the bus companies – thankyou very very much. Wonderful ride. - Rebecca

Loved the ride thanks so much to all the organisers, volunteers and helpers it was very well done. Would be great to have a few more distance markers along the course maybe every 5km so we know what we've got left to go. Thanks see you next year! - Roger

Fantastic event. And from a participant's perspective it was run so well (a massive logistical task!). Congrats. Next time we will bring more of our school cyclists. - Susan

Awesome event. 4 of my family did the 4km event. We all had fun and came away buzzing. - Brian

Brilliant day. Thanks to all the marshals without them we could not have enjoyed this event safely. Good to have the weather in our favour. Looking forward to next years ride. - Neil

To you and your awesome team of workers and volunteers, congratulations on s superb event. Its been a great day. I thought the traffic management team were excellent. We had absolutely no issues, no aggressive motorists and no drama. A great day and a brilliant atmosphere at the North Harbour stadium finish. I hope Auckland gets behind this event and make it the successful annual event that it deserves to be!! Well done again. - Joe

...Of course we did not get it all 100% on the day - but thanks to your feedback we sure look to do so in 2014.

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